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Aims & Scope

Journal of Cancer Discovery  has ceased to be published by Luminescience Press in 2023. We will continue to host an archive of articles previously published in the journal and will remain them fully searchable via the journal website.


Aims and Scope

Journal of Cancer Discovery (JCD) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal publishing original articles, convincing and practical reviews, authoritative clinical studies, short communications as well as perspectives that report cutting-edge advances and the latest research findings in the rapidly changing field of cancer discovery. The journal gives strong emphasis to basic, translational and clinical research and aims to serve as a platform for global scientists, clinicians, policy makers as well as the general public to discuss and share the up-to-date information regarding the early prevention, detection, diagnosis, cure and rehabilitation of cancer. Manuscripts are stringently reviewed for high standards of scientific merit, and only those that report results of novelty and scientific soundness will be considered for publication in this journal.


Topics include but are not limited to the following:


• Cancer genetics and genomics: new chromosomal, molecular or epigenetic alterations in benign and malignant diseases; chromosomal rearrangements or genomic alterations in cancer cells; molecular genetics of cancer predisposition; DNA damage and repair.


• Cancer systems biology: experimental biology, computational modeling, multi-dimensional data analysis as well as systems engineering which are applied to cancer diagnosis and treatment.


• Growth promoting signals and growth inhibitory signals: dysregulation of growth factor signaling pathways and cell cycle progression; proto-oncogenes and their activation; dysregulation of quiescence and differentiation; tumor suppressors and their inactivation.


• Cancer stem cells (CSCs): accurate targeting of CSCs; CSC markers, such as CD133, CD44, EpCAM, ALDH, CD90, etc.; resistance mechanisms of CSCs; drug efflux activity of CSCs; vasculogenic mimicry (VM) in CSCs.


• Tumor metabolism, metastasis and immunology: pathways and metabolism in tumor cells; pathogenesis based on immune microenvironment and metabolism; precision diagnosis and treatment of major cancers based on multi-omics.


• Carcinogenesis: mechanisms involved in chemical-, environmental-, physical (radiation, trauma, etc.)-, infection, inflammation-associated cancer development and molecular cancer epidemiology.


• Cancer prevention: preclinical studies on preventive interventions and their mechanisms, including chemoprevention, immunoprevention (checkpoint inhibitors, immunological approaches to prevention, and vaccination) and nutritional/behavioral prevention; clinical studies on preventive interventions; dissemination and implementation research; health policy and global cancer control studies.


• Cancer therapy studies: clinical research that impacts on the treatment of cancer using systemic chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, radiation, gene therapy, vaccine- and antibody-based cancer therapy and combination therapy; therapy resistance mechanisms, such as cell survival signaling, cell death inhibition, drug inactivation and efflux.


• Cancer-associated studies: cancer pain & malnutrition, cachexia, symptoms relevant to treatment, and psychosocial studies on cancer.


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